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Feel free to click and watch it.. Enjoy! 🙂 *youtube

This is the final assignment for the subject of Drama performance at English Letter Department UIN Syahid Indonesia
6 semester, B class 2008

After so many practices and efforts, alhamdulillah that we managed to do it and succeed.. *prok prok prokkk 😀

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This short movie is belong to the group 3 of the subject of Literary and Film Studies..

English Letter Department, Pamulang University.

The best to produce a good short movie with the good script in the semester..

Thanks Jaka as the director, also thanks to Mukhlis, Elly and Rifki..

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Cerita bareng Sang Ratu

Entrepreneur learn to be [ Lecturer wanna be [ Happy woman must be [ Student always to be [ A useful person to the world have to be [ Traveler always will be [ Blogger try to be

Putu bareng sang Ratu -Instagram

Jangan lupa makan sayur
#masaksendirimakananmu #masaksimpelenak #ayamgoreng #vegetables #green #greenliving #tryingtobehealthy #biasakanmakansayur #ayohiduplebihsehat #benahipolahidup #simpletrick
Siapin selalu ayam bumbu kuning di kulkas, biar kalo mau makan tinggal goreng..
Bisa juga segala macam lauk lain -sesuai selera- sekalian diungkep bareng2 n buat simpenan dikulkas 😁
Siapin selalu juga sambal tornado di rumah biar makan tambah asik *eeaaa.. CUT
Atau tinggal bikin sambal apapun yang gampang plus nikmat dan pedas buat temenin lauknya..
Sekali lagi jangan lupa selalu siapin sayur2 ijo di kulkas, jadi kalo mau makan tinggal dipotek2 💪💪
I like this photoshoot btw 😅
Hehehee Still my favourite of all time 😁
#pecintamie #noodlelover #foodlover #kulinerindonesia #makanenak #foodgasm #foodporn #instafood #mierebus #resep #noodlewithvegetables #kuliner #healthynoodle #masaksimpelenak #masaksendirimakananmu 
Biar gak guilty feeling amat, -well, i know its a guilty pleasure.. wkwkk..
Tambahin segala sayuran yang kamu mau n ada di kulkas ajaa 😁
Misal, kalo sy suka tambahin sawi, daun bawang, tomat iris lebar, dll..
Tambahin bawang putih rebus beberapa siung, lalu haluskan..
Tambahin beberapa cabe rawit rebus yang juga dihaluskan..
Tambahin telur..
Tambahin bakso..
Tambahin seasoning yang pas*..
Buat kuahnya, ganti pake air rebusan baru..
Jadi deh hidangan simpel nan spesial yang enak banget buat kamu sendiri dan orang2 tercinta
Selamat mencoba Maceetoozz
05.08 a.m Sawangan
06.06 a.m Lebak Bulus
07.00 a.m Petukangan
07.15 a.m BSD -nyabu alias nyarap bubur dulu 😅
07.48 a.m Viktor
15.07 p.m Sawangan
16.10 p.m Ulujami
17.37 p.m Lebak Bulus
18.17 p.m Pondok Cabe
19.14 p.m Sawangan

Alhamdulillah alaa kulli haal sudah selesai tugas hari inii dan dimudahkan olehNya..
Kaki pegel 😩 astaghfirullah

Maafkan akoh blm bisa muncul di socmed mana2 tudei 🙇‍♀️
Pun akoh seriusan udah nguantukz teramat sangadh sekarang inih.. Kamerawomen nya si @pitaloka.dy penontonnya si @rinisaannisa Officially introduce our house's guardians to the world 😁👏👏
Well, poor Bang Iyos..
Sorry for that Bang..
Perhaps this is the explanation why Bang Iyos is sometime got poop on it when I'am with him 😅
Some people streesed out of me for that fact.. wkwkkk
These little rascals did that..
I can't see them actually when they still a lot more babies,
But that they've already got feathers now,
So they're cute like real babies
And they are fat too.. wkwkkk
It has been so many times that the couple are having babies before,
And now that they are having the others..
The couple, what i call the the father and mother are great!
Live happily guys..
Protect our house for sure 😉😉
We are definitely happy to have you here around
We will live a happy life together
We did it only for Allah..
Please send my salam to my father in the other life
Hope that he live in a happiest life and the best place there
Hope that we can live here in the world in the best way, the path of Allah..
Hope that we all will meet again, in Jannah
May Allah SWT bless us here and here after..
Aamiin yaa Allah yaa Rabbal alamiin 😭
#birds #birdsfamily #pet #birdpet #houseguardians #guardianangel #happylife #beautifullife #sharingtheworld #happyhome #happyhouse #kontemplasi #happyfamily #muslimahtafakkur
I planed to vlog this on my channel but, in fact that i just killed my time by these birds and end up with posting it on insta like this.. hhhffff.. sorry..
And well, now i'm in a big trouble for today's schedule, like always..
Heeeeelp Flowerburst 😂
This photoshoot is kind of remind me of Rich Chigga's music video 'glow like dat' wkwkwkk
Well.. i don't know 😂
#amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #flower #hobby #learningtophotograph #nature #naturephotography #fresh #poetry #poet #poem #quote #kontemplasi #peace #peaceworld #musimahtafakkur
Just like all these flowers
They're all smiling and laughing
In harmony
They're facing their direction
They know their purposes
They refuse the darkness
They give you yellow
They're making friend with green
They surely playing with the red
In happiness
All the joys are dancing
The sun shining bright
And all live in peace
PEACE WORLD! PEACE Flower attack on my ig, sorry 😁
Can't help my self but taking the pict
Admiring all these beautiful flowers
Puple Flower
#flower #purpleflower #bunga #bungaungu #nature #naturephotography #amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #learningtophotograph #hobby #muslimahtafakkur

Kicauan Sang Ratu